A word from the founder

I set up Engen Group with Moira Boiardini in November of 2010 and we’ve had steady and increasing growth ever since.

We have two key areas we focus on. First, innovation – where the Company owns a share of a number of businesses that provide solutions to some of the largest environmental challenges facing us today. And secondly, land and property. Our portfolio boasts carefully chosen prime sites in the UK that target our current housing shortfall for affordable housing.

Our innovation portfolio is driven by our need to find environmental solutions for our planet. And as the government pushes towards Net Zero (carbon neutral by 2050) – more and more pressure builds on businesses to respond while still turning a profit to survive. It’s an adjustment that will need a plethora of business infrastructure solutions to facilitate.

This is why one of our main focuses in innovation is renewable energy. Engen has a number of businesses which it’s developing that once operational, will have a huge impact on how we deal with waste plastic and generate electricity.

Our land and property portfolio boasts an absolutely brilliant team who hunt down strategic sites, understanding the unique planning permission and local policy logistics to maneuver, ensuring all the projects we develop have the highest rate of success.

Engen has already successfully obtained planning permission on 505 acres of land, with a further 40 acres allocated within local plans. We’re also experienced in change of use plays – turning commercial properties into residential, as well as live-to-work.

Over the next coming years we aim to continue our current growth, acquire more exciting projects, as well as some really exciting breakthroughs in innovations I can’t wait to tell you about!

Graeme Boiardini
Engen Group Founder and Director

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